Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to Win Over Your Boss

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Everybody always wants to get on with their boss and no one honestly enjoys being at loggerheads with their boss. It is possible to impress your boss and create a good image of yourself and your work by following certain guidelines, without being a ‘teacher’s pet’. Here is a list of some useful pointers that you can use to try and win favour with your boss. However, you should remember that these pointers are not a one size fits all, be pragmatic about adopting them. You know what will work with your boss and what will not work, better than most.

·          FIND A COMMON INTEREST TO CHAT ABOUT: Try to find a personal interest that you share and that you can enjoy chatting about. This is great way to bond with your boss and form a working friendship.


·          REMEMBER THE IMPORTANT DETAILS OF YOUR BOSS’ LIFE THAT HE/SHE SHARES WITH YOU: Make a point of remembering the detail’s of your boss’ family. Showing an interest in your boss’ life can help your boss start to regard you more as a friend. All the same do not overstep the mark, as you could end up being seen as prying.

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·          SHOW A HEALTHY INTEREST IN YOUR BOSS’ LIFE: If there is a major event that your boss is very interested in, always be sure to ask how it went. This beats the standard, ‘how was your weekend’ or ‘what did you get up to last night’.


·          TAKE ON MORE TASKS AND ACT ON OWN INITIATIVE: Be willing to take on more than your role and responsibility. Take on more work and act on your own initiative. This will make you a dependable member of a team and show potential for promotions and pay rises.


·          BE AWARE OF IMPORTANT TASKS TO YOUR BOSS: Your boss has targets and objectives, try to be aware of items that are important to your boss. Always be willing to help your boss on these items and offer your helps where needed.

Remember this is just a sample of some of things you can do to get on with your boss. It is not a one size fits all and you will need to adapt them to suit the circumstances. Some may not apply to you and some may need to be applied excessively in order to win over the favour of your manager.
                                              Image Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and Author Stockimages

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